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The Online tools below are interactive from your browser.  They are written either in Perl/CGI 
or JavaScript.  If you have any questions/comments regarding these, please contact the
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Apparent Disk of Solar System Object
provides a synthetic image of a selected solar system object that approximates the telescopic view of the object as seen from the Earth at the specified date and time
Jupiter Central Meridian Longitude Calculator
Get exact CM longitudes for System I, II, & III
Central Meridian Transit Timer
See when the next transits will be for planetary features!

New Online Light Curve Plotter
Physical Ephemeris Calculator for Mars
New online program written in Perl!  It will calculate the central meridian, magnitude, phase angle, and other elements for any given instant.
B1950 to J2000 Epoch Converter

Convert your stellar coordinates with this nifty calculator!

Gregorian to Julian Date Conversion

Orbital Elements: Comets

From Harvard
This page lists links to orbital elements of observable comets in formats suitable for loading into a number of popular planetarium-type software packages.

Bright Minor Planets 2010

From Harvard
This page lists links to orbital elements and ephemerides for bright minor planets at opposition in 2010. Also available are:

orbital elements in forms suitable for loading into popular planetarium-type programs

Official Time  
(in Coordinated Universal Time)

Conversion Table of Time Zones

(Courtesy of Brian Webb)

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Jupiter Sketch Form
Saturn Sketch Form
PDF Format
Both Provided by Carlos Hernandez

More to come soon!

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