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The Constellations - Sky Tours for Computerized telescopes

A Two-Volume Sky Guide

Two new astronomy books by P. Clay Sherrod, director of Petit Jean Mountain's Arkansas Sky Observatories (ASO), have just been completed and released.

This two-volume set of extensive guides is entitled
The Constellations:  Sky Tours for Computerized Telescopes
and contains over one thousand pages of information about most of the major constellations in our night skies.

Sherrod started this very detail-oriented project in 2001 and it is just now coming into fruition.  It contains not only writings about the history, mythology, and science of the major constellations, but also hundreds of original photographs from the Observatories as well as original artwork and graphics by Sherrod.

The books are intended to guide casual as well as advanced star gazers through the night sky and provide rich detail about the physics of objects throughout the constellations; the ancient lore and legend behind constellation names, Greek mythology, star names and the development of astronomy through history is prevalent through each constellation presented.  All enthusiasts - casual novice to advanced amateur - will benefit and enjoy the extensive references in this series.

In 38 chapters throughout the two book set, Sherrod provides sky charts of the constellations and explanations about the interesting objects - from bright stars to black holes and X-ray bursters - in each chapter.
Details on these two books, in addition to others recently published can be found at:

A noted lecturer, writer and researcher in science and astronomy, this is Sherrod's 19th book, six of which were completed and published in 2016; it is his first book in astronomy since 2005.  Copies of the books can be obtained through Barnes and Noble and Amazon, but are also available direct from Arkansas Sky Observatories.  Write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about both the new books and the operations of ASO.

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