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Sixth Book for 2016 Published by Sherrod

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Photo courtesy Lenard Cockman

P. Clay Sherrod
of Arkansas Sky Observatories, Petit Jean Mountain has completed his sixth book for 2016.

NOTE that all can be reviewed and purchased  at:

- You-Twit-Face:  Your Complete Guide to Nomophobia.  Our addictions to smart phones and social media.
     A humorous fact-filled summary of the frightening trend to our obsession with social media

-  "Footprints of Fallen Giants: Pathways to Extinction", a scientific look at the extinction of the dinosaurs and all creatures,

- "The Gunbarrel Petroglyph and the Quest of the Double-Peaked Mountain", which examines the ancient yearly visitation of native Americans and their possible ties to the migration of the Cherokee,

- "Rocks of Prehistory:  The Gumlog Creek Rockshelter" - an archeological study of prehistoric people in Arkansas,

- "The Cahokia Vortex" - a fictional thriller that deals with ancient rituals that resurface in today's world

- "Life Lessons of the Naked Boy:  A treasury of simply philosophies for past, present and future,"  a biographical guide to parenting in the modern  age


The Naked Boy - is an humorous autobiographical memoir and guide of Sherrod's childhood and the advantages of growing up a 'Baby Boomer' in a world still available for childhood exploration, creativity and discovery and how the modern age has changed all that opportunity for the youth of today.

All books are available in paperback; Cahokia and Naked Boy have both paper and hardbound editions.
These books are sold through Barnes and Noble and  and
for a listing of all publications by Sherrod, go to:

Sherrod, P. Clay.
The Naked Boy
A treasury of simple philosophies for the past, present and future
A Biographical Parenting Guide by P. Clay Sherrod
Arkansas Sky Observatory Publications 2016
ISBN #: 978-1-365-42269-0 - LuLu Publications
(available in hardcover and softcover editions)

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