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June 25, 2016

The Genesis Project
now posted at:
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A Series of Artworks by P. Clay Sherrod
Providing discussion concerning blending the Biblical record of Creation and the scientific views

Now posted to the ASO website features:
"The Art of Creation" series, a collection of artwork by P. Clay Sherrod based on the series of "days" in the Bible. This 27-piece work, started in 1989 through 2002, has been exhibited throughout the country with accompanying explanatory documents. Stay tuned....this exhibition is intended to provoke thought and discussion as science and religious beliefs merge into common medium.

Each original multi-media piece is 24 x 36 inches and is accompanied with a discussion sheet/booklet which describes the elements of the artwork, the verse of Genesis to which it refers and provides scientific insight into support for Biblical passages that are very familiar to us all. 

Shown here is "Mother of Extinction" (1989) from the collection, showing the last dinosaur of Earth - a mother Tyranosaurus - grieving over her lost baby, something that we would not suspect to be done by these large reptilian beasts, but recent research suggests that the dinosaurs were nurturing, caring animals who care for and protected their young at all costs.

I hope that you enjoy the series, a new piece of art will be featured occasionally, along with the full explanatory text that accompanies the exhibit.
(**Please Note:  All original pieces are presently protected by archival framing; the photos that are presented have been taken through glass**)
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