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JUPITER ROCKS on Petit Jean Mountain

by P. Clay Sherrod
Arkansas Sky Observatories

One of the primary things that I tell people that is done at Arkansas Sky Observatories is "chasing rocks"....but by that I mean large and dangerous asteroids (Near Earth Objects) that may someday cross the Earth's orbit and result in impact of our planet.  It has happened before for certain and it will happen again.

But sometimes the coolest things are right in front of us, many times missed. Such is the case with my "JUPITER ROCK" shown here. This smooth river stone, measuring about 1.5 inch across, was spotted as I sat on the steps leading to one of the observatories on a very hot June afternoon.

Jupiter Rock ASO

No doubt, this is showing the planet Jupiter, complete with Great Red Spot and the many belts and zones familiar to all who have viewed or seen photos of the giant planet (photo on left).

The smooth stone has not been washed nor touched up in any way. Those who have seen the "ASO Jupiter Rock" are convinced that this is no coincidence....... I am going to start looking down more
.....perhaps Saturn will be next!

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