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    From time to time, hopefully infrequent, it may be necessary for us to alert our valued supporters and visitors to variouis changes that have taken place on the ASO Website or perhaps to alert you to changes that may result in a bit of downtime or temporary disruption of service.
    Unlike in the past, we hope to be able to keep you abreast of any periods in which we are aware in the future that the website might be down for updates or changes; any such downtimes we assure you will be minimal to the extent of our abilities to make such changes.

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Due to this we do not support Internet Explorer 8 and below.   We try to support Internet Explorer 9 but that will soon be phased out as well...
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As some of you have experienced our recent changes have not gone as smoothly as predicted.
Seems some things we've done have fallen into the black hole of computing...


We've gathered our finest collimator and started eradicating the dirty buggers!
With Doc Clay's astute powers of observation, keen mind & attention to fine detail we see nothing but pefect skies ahead!

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