Asteroid 2012 TC4 Passes Earth on October 12, 2017

NOTE that there are likely up to 30,000 or more Near Earth Objects that pose impact threats to Earth....some come closer than others and 2012 TC4 is approaching this October, passing at a very close distance of only 8,370 miles; not seen since 2012, new observations by observing locations such as ASO should alter the orbit radically - either bringing the asteroid closer or further than currentlly predicted.

HERE IS THE LATEST scoop on Near Earth Object 2012 TC4
(my thanks to Norm Meluch for pointing this out!) -
A curious thing about this asteroid is that the LAST close approach was also on October 11-12, 2012 (same month and day as first pass!) when it passed less than 60,000 miles from Earth; this upcoming pass of this 30-meter (estimated to be about 98 feet maximum) chunk of space rock will bring it to within only 8,370 miles which is - indeed - uncomfortably close. More observations obviously are needed on this potential threat, but it was last seen on October 11, 2012 and has not been logged by observers since. It will come back into view in late September. Discovered by PANSTARRS sky survey in 2012, this object is suspected to be about TWICE the diameter of the large asteroid that exploded violently over the Russian City of Chelyabinsk in Feb. 2013.

At closest approach, this NEO will be moving about 4 degrees per day to the southwest in the constellation of Capricorn.

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Be Safe! - Doc Clay
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