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ASO is currently researching methods to predict Seeing and Transparency conditions.  Each image in the library is now associated with a link to NOAA that provides a Skew-T/Log-P diagram done by Mr. Bill Moninger at NOAA.  Please note that these are not available for images older than a few days.

These soundings are
generated from the "MAPS/RUC model, developed at NOAA's Forecast Systems

Fill in the information to narrow your search of images on this site.  You may select "All" in the "Object to Browse" selection to see all photos in the database within a specified date range you enter.  The date ranges (Start & End) may be left blank to include all images regardless of their creation date.  The "Central Meridian View" only applies when you select one of the Planets that had a determined CM during the observation.  A range of Central Meridians can be selected such as from 300 to 343 degrees.  Leaving the CM From and To blank will display images regardless of their Central Meridian positions.

To view images just on ONE day only, enter that date on the Start Date and leave the End Date Blank.  

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