ASO:  One of America's oldest private research facilities now in its 5th decade of service

Petit Jean Mountain

Now in its likely final and permanent home atop beautiful Petit Jean Mountain in Conway County, Arkansas, Arkansas Sky Observatories (ASO) is proud of its rich history in research and public outreach in a variety of sciences:  microbiology, molecular biology, geology, archeology, paleontology, climatology, environmental sciences and, of course - Astronomy.

We have always been a leader in outreach, providing over 10,500 live presentations to civic, school, university, church and other organizations, never at a cost to them.  Thousands of popular articles in newspapers and magazines throughout the country have kept the general public abreast and in tune with the happenings of the Sky and the Earth on which we live.

Arkansas History and CultureS

Arkansas Sky Observatories was established in 1970 as a private and independent research facility by P. Clay Sherrod,  and named in 1971; its observatories have been many and varied to accomodate the need for specific research at the times of their constructions.  Presently, ASO is proud to have earned and maintained four Harvard Minor Planet Center Observatory Code designation as a contributor of Near Earth asteroid and comet mesurements:  H43 (Conway West); H44 (Cascade Mountain); H41 (Petit Jean Mountain North) and H45 (Petit Jean Mountain South).  Nearly all research and writings now orginate from H45, the home of two observatory buildings, an extensive science workshop and other facilities, as well as a residence on site.
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The current ASO H45 facility at Petit Jean Mountain 2016


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